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Raul Munoz was born May 9, 1928 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to parents, Jesse Munoz and Gladys Waters Munoz. Raul and Carmen Diaz were married in Little Flower Church on August 14, 1949 and were married 67 years. Raul is survived by his wife, Carmen Munoz and 10 children, Greg, Carolyn, Edward, Celeste, Marc, Ron, Cheri, Cari, John and Cathy along with 41 grandchildren, great grandchildren and a great, great grandchild. He served in the United States Army stationed in Japan during post war occupation and was in a reserve unit in El Paso, Texas during the Korean War.

Working as an architect, he was always interested in anything having to do with unique architectural design and was especially interested in the work of Frank Lloyd Wright.He also talked about meeting Frank Lloyd Wright when he was a student at the University of Oklahoma. He was the official photographer of family gatherings snapping candid shots of grandchildren. His favorite comment when he gave someone directions, phone numbers or addresses was, "Do you have your Big Chief Tablet and your Number 2 pencil?"

A friend of his in high school talked him into being in a play once. There's a photo in his yearbook where he is on stage dressed as a sailor. He said he had one line, "My name is Tom, but I am not peeping!" but he couldn't remember anything else about the play. He talked about betting the Navy officers a nickel per hole at golf in order to make enough money to date Mom.

One day, he took the youngest, Cathy, to play hooky when she was in elementary school. After driving her to a dentist appointment and lunch they went to the movies afterwards to see a sci-fi comedy called, "Ice Pirates." He was an avid sci-fi fan which is something he passed along to most of his children (and some grandchildren). He's the reason they all love science fiction. "Star Trek was the only TV show they never fought over."

When he was recovering from a stay in the hospital, during which time his mother had died, the priest who had been visiting became a great friend of his. He agreed to go to Zaire, Africa to scout a place for a new hospital the church wanted to build outside of Kinshasha. During the trip, which was quite dangerous, he was forced to stay on the plane alone with no A/C while bribes were being paid and he could safely leave. The plane was surrounded by men with machine guns. He remarked about the food he was eating, "it was something resembling a salad and I asked what the crunchy items were." They told me they were bugs which the locals considered a delicacy. They explained to him that anything they saw the monkeys safely eating, they knew was safe for them to eat.

He worked his way up the ladder and became Faithful Navigator of the Mother Seton Assembly and a 4th Degree Knight until he reached the top position of Grand Knight of Council 3340.